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Reporter's Notebook: US-NATO response to the Ukraine invasion

Washington Examiner Defense Reporter Mike Brest joins Jim Antle to discuss the latest on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how the United States and NATO have responded. The American Bar Association favored dropping standardized tests from law school admissions in a newly released memo approved by the organization's strategic review committee.

The shift in the bar's position to make standardized admissions tests optional could substantially affect how the Law School Admissions Test, which law school applicants are currently required to complete, is used in law school admissions.

In November 2021, the ABA had previously endorsed the use of the GRE in law school admissions, but the association's recommendation makes the use of any test entirely optional.

While standardized testing has been a part of college and graduate school admission requirements for decades, there has been a recent movement to eliminate the requirement, primarily at the undergraduate level. Multiple colleges and universities nationwide had dropped standardized test requirements amid the coronavirus pandemic, but as the health crisis has receded, some are making the change permanent.

In March, the California State University system announced that it would eliminate consideration of the SAT and the ACT in its undergraduate admissions in order to "level the playing field" for admission at the system's universities. Harvard University likewise announced in December that it would no longer require the SAT for admission.